Making Hollywood Yours!

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Personalized Hollywood

Receive upcoming movies curated for you.

Customized Profiles

Create your own entertainment profile: add friends, favorite movies and stars, and share.

Chat and Message New Friends

See which movies your friends want to see and send messages.


Meetups Around Movies

Join a meetup group or create a new one, and meet new people through movies.

Showtimes and Tickets

Filter your showtimes, and easily buy tickets.

Follow Movies, Stars and Friends

Receive updates on upcoming movies, stars and friends.

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Let Hollywood into your life

What's amazing is, you can see upcoming movies related to the stars, directors and movies you love. MovieLaLa intelligently brings movies related to your taste so you can save time and conveniently enjoy an app that understands you!

With a delightful design, your movie life will blossom. You will never forget or miss another movie again. We'll keep you notified and current.

Message and chat with others about movies

Now you can follow your friends, chat with new friends and message anyone on MovieLaLa. You can easily share and organize a movie night, or just start a conversation with someone new! Finally a place for movie fans to connect to one another easily.

You can also follow your favorite friends and start conversations with new ones to expand your network.

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Meet new friends and enjoy films together.

Tired of going to the movies alone? Wish you could meet others who share your passion for films? Join a new meetup group or create your own to meet like-minded people through movies.

It's a great way to connect and share movies with others and meet new friends in the process!

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Find showtimes and buy tickets easily.

You can find showtimes nearby and even filter your desired movie theater like never before. We've made it easier for you to find a convenient theater that matches your preferences.

Simply buy tickets seamlessly in the app. We want you to do it all, and in one place.

  • Beautiful Design
  • Chat with Others
  • Find New Friends
  • Easy Ticketing

220+ App Reviews

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Francis Pedraza

Loves Sci-Fi movies

"I really love the MovieLaLa app. It combines all I need to discover a movie, find a friend to go to the movies and even meet new people through movies. I also love the fact I can chat with my friends through the app and join a meetup group? Awesome!"


Rachel Hutchison

Loves Romantic Comedies

"I'm a huge fan of Chris Pratt and a few other movie stars ;) I really love how I can follow my favorite stars and MovieLaLa makes perfect suggestions of movies I might like. I no longer need to use any other apps when it comes to movies. MovieLaLa does it all!"

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